SciMed Solutions Looking for Developer

At SciMed Solutions, based in Durham, NC, we are passionate about much more than exchanging and growing Ruby knowledge. SciMed's mission is to craft software that frees our clients to do what they do best: advance cutting-edge technology, improve lives, and effect social change. Our focus is to help the medical, scientific, and academic communities achieve success by removing obstacles and allowing them the freedom to streamline operations and concentrate on their work.

We are looking for someone equally passionate as well as self-motivated, disciplined, driven, a decision-maker, and a team player. We want developers who are not solely driven by personal success, but are invested in the succes of the team.

Although this position is for a Ruby on Rails developer, Ruby experience is not required. If you have a 4 year degree, are a talented coder, can work quickly, and work across multiple technologies and projects, we'll train you on Ruby. We'll start your training with Rubeque. Solve a few problems and let us see how you do.

Experience or understanding of Agile development, experience in coding technologies such as PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, JSP, XML, JavaScript, or AJAX are a plus. The best applicants will bring valuable skills beyond computer science and software engineering.

We strive to find the best fit for every employee and value personal growth. If you are interested in working in Durham, NC, in an environment of accuracy, teamwork, openness, respect, and would like to limit your work week to 40 hours, apply today. Send your resume, cover letter, and top three Rubeque solutions to