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Rubeque challenges users to solve ruby koans or short problems using ruby code. To do this, you'll need to fill in the blank on each problem. The blanks that you will be filling in are indicated by "___" (three underscores). This is not part of the syntax of Ruby and in its place, your code will be evaluated. If there are multiple blanks, each will be replaced with your code. Any code passes all assertions will be considered a correct answer.

Let's consider the first problem:

assert_equal ___, true

Any of the following would be considered correct answers:

  1. true
  2. (1 == 1)
  3. !!1

Some operations are prohibited for security reasons. For example, no system calls will be allowed. Many of the easier problems on this site can be solved using only your browser. Here are some sites to help you along the way:

To receive a score for a submitted problem, you must be logged in. You'll automatically receive one point for an elementary problem, two points for a easy problem, three points for a medium problem, and four points for a hard problem. You'll also receive one point for every upvote and (sad face) minus one point for every downvote. Problems marked as cheating will be reviewed and if removed, will not count towards your score.

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